Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


What Information?

When someone fills in a Contact Form on this site or comes along to a first session, we ask for details such as the client's name and contact details. If you attend a session we then ask for your address and details of your GP.

We keep brief notes on each session. These notes are a short factual summary of what we have discussed or done in a counselling session.

We use Google Analytics to see what types of things people search for before finding this website. This information is anonymised.


Why Do We Need This?

We need things such as contact details so that we can communicate with you. For people attending sessions, we ask for the name of a GP so that, in the event of someone being at imminent risk of serious harm, we can contact the GP to ensure safety. Apart from in this situation, we do not contact GP’s or other Agencies without your explicit consent.

We keep session notes so that I can look back and remember what has been covered and when in our sessions. We may discuss what has been happening in sessions with our clinical supervisors. This helps us to work more effectively and is a stipulation of the British Association for Counselling and Psychothereapy and the National Counselling Society. We only use first names or no names when doing this – so you should not be identifiable.

It’s important that we know what people are searching for before finding this site so that we know that how search engines (like Google) see this website is correct.  For example, if people searching for city councillors are clicking on this website, we know we need to change something.


Where Is This Information Kept?

All information is kept in one or more of the following: a locked filing cabinet, a password-protected computer and/or a fingerprint or password protected mobile phone. Session notes are kept for seven years and then destroyed.


What Are My Rights?

You can ask to see any information relating to you. You can also ask that any information about you be erased. We have one month to respond to these requests. It may be that, due to our Insurance Company or Membership Body requirements, we are unable to erase details of our work with you until seven years have passed.

We are registered to store information with the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you feel we have not handled your information correctly, you can contact the ICO via their website.