Fees for Counselling, Coaching & Hypnotherapy


 Beacon Counselling Coaching Group Team

Counselling - face to face or online

Counselling sessions are usually an hour long and can be booked as a one-off,  in blocks or on a weekly basis. Towards the end of the therapy sessions may shift to every fortnight, monthly or occasionally - you will know what you need when you come to this point. Follow-up sessions are always available to support you over the longer term.

Anne Lindley-French  £55 per extended session (65 mins), £60 couples per extended session (65 mins), free 15 min call, 10% student discount

Jen Walsh £50 per hour (50 mins) couples, families, adolescents age 16 and under, £40 individual adults over 16

Sue Brown  £50 per hour (50 mins) face to face, £45 online

Mat Pronger £50 initial session (80 mins) face to face, £50 per hour (50 mins) face to face, £50 online

Ian Wainwright £50 per hour, £50 home visit, £45 office visit, £40 walk & talk, £35 online, 10% student discount (all sessions 60 mins)

Chloe Goddard McLoughlin  £45 per hour (50 mins), assessment £50 (50 mins), £60 couples per hour (50 mins), £70 couples assessment per hour (50 mins)

Lise Jackson £45 per hour (50 mins)

Alvan Brooks  £45 per hour (50 mins)

Kirsty Slack £40 per hour (50 mins), subsidised fees considered

Shireen Rehman  £35 per hour (50 mins), 10% student discount

Iram Dean  £35 per hour (50 mins), free 30 min call, 10% student discount

Jennifer Fletcher  £35 per hour (50 mins)

Elizabeth Curtis  £35 per hour (50 mins), 10% student discount

Coaching - face to face or online

Coaching sessions are usually an hour long, although we may recommend a longer first session in order to establish what is required and how we can work with you most effectively. We offer single sessions to tackle particular issues or personal programs in which you choose how many sessions you want and how frequently you want them (monthly is the most popular, but it can be more frequent if you are preparing for interviews or working through a tricky situation). Follow-up mentoring sessions are always available to support you over the longer term.

Lucy Owens   Fees available on request

Liz Cumberbatch   £60 per hour,  free 30 min call, single sessions & personal programs

Barbara Bassa  Fees available on request

Hypnotherapy & pain management - face to face

Hypnotherapy and pain management sessions are an hour long. The number of sessions is dependent on how you are progressing and how you feel about your goals. This is an on-going process which is regularly reviewed.

Sandi Pinkney   £55 per hour,  free 30 min call, home visits within a 20 mile radius of S63 for house bound clients


To discuss how our Counsellors and Coaches could help, or to make an appointment, please contact us via the details below.

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