Counselling Client Survey

Counselling Client Survey

 Beacon Counselling Coaching Group Team

Our client survey aims to understand clients' views on the effectiveness of counselling during and after the sessions, and their experience of being in counselling. The results, methodology and public feedback are show below.


96% of clients found counselling sessions "Very Effective" or "Effective".

96% of clients thought the counselling had a "Significant Positive eEfect" or a "Positive Effect" over time.

Beacon Counselling Client Survey During 2018  Counselling Client Survey 2018 After


Invitation to participate in the client survey is made via text link to an online survey once a client has finished counselling, participation is optional and fully confidential. Clients are asked to evaluate their experience critically ("highs and lows, what you would have liked but didn't get, what you got that you appreciated most, what you really didn't find useful or enjoy") and their comments are only made public with their explicit consent.

The survey is the results of responses from 61 clients, 53% women and 47% men.

The average number of sessions attended was 11 with the least being 1 and the most 46. The response rate to the survey was 62%, with 99 clients being invited to respond.

We asked clients 10 questions: their name, which counsellor they saw, how many sessions they had, when, how effective they found the sessions at the time, how effective they felt the counselling had been after once the counselling had finished, if they wanted to give feedback, if they were happy for their feedback to be public, how they found Beacon Counselling & Coaching Group.

Some of the public feedback is shown below. We have shown the clients as "Peter" or "Jane" to give an indication of how men and women responded and the number of sessions attended to give an idea of the depth and scope of the work undertaken.


The feedback provided has been invaluable and we are very grateful for the insight, reflection and input on future practice it has provided.

Anne Lindley-French Counsellor Expats Online

"We have been greatly encouraged by the client survey results. We always hope that our work with clients has profound and lasting effects and it is reassuring that the study is so positive. We am tremendously grateful for the private and public feedback, we have learnt from it and it has been of considerable value in shaping our work with the client's perspective at the forefront."

Public Feedback

"I set out hoping that my counselling sessions would help me cope better with difficult life circumstances. Anne is a compassionate listener. She knew how to support me in untangling my thoughts and feelings and helped me unravel what really is important. I emerged from my course of counselling refreshed and with increased confidence in myself and in my decision making." "Jane" 6 sessions

"I appreciated the fact that I was given insight that I couldn't have possibly know without the sessions. A calm, reassuring support at all times." "Peter" 6 sessions

"I felt a lot of empathy and felt comfortable enough to be able to talk. Although it was difficult for me to share my issues my counsellor provided me with a calm, welcoming environment which enabled me to open up real difficulties I had endured. Through this I was able to open up and explore my feelings towards past events and current anxieties which were stopping me from moving forward and enjoying my life. Although I will always carry scars from my past I have gained insight into the behaviour of one of my parents, which I will never fully understand but accept history at last, so that I can leave it in the past. You could say a eureka moment. I now know it was not my fault and I did not deserve to be treated the way I had been. We also explored my current anxieties and I have gained more control and am dealing with things in a much more productive way so they don’t control me, but that I am in control of them. I thank my counsellor for her kind and caring counselling and will always be grateful for her help at a time when I could see no way forward. Thank you." "Jane" 5 sessions

"Anne managed to create a safe environment and made me feel comfortable to share my worries. She helped my by guiding me through some very useful theories and models which helped me understand my issues better. She was always very supportive and genuinly puts people and their needs first." "Jane" 8 sessions

"I am very grateful for the time I spent with Jen. As difficult as it was, it felt good to discuss underlying longer term issues and it helped me to come to terms with previous events. I particularly enjoyed going over my week and pushing my thought processes into a positive space. There was never pressure to focus on specific topics and the exercises Jen set were a lot more useful than I expected. Thank you, Jen!!" "Jane" 30 sessions

"I only had one session with Ian to resolve an issue. I found Ian congruent, warm and easy to talk to." "Jane" 1 session

"Anne is amazing. She instantly made me feel comfortable and I felt like she really tried to understand exactly how I was feeling. Her straight to the point and clear attitude was exactly what I needed it my time of confusion. She provided a safe and confidential environment for me to explain my troubled thoughts, offering explanations to my feelings as well as practical suggestions and solutions. She truly helped me to understand what I was feeling and why I was feeling that way which in turn enabled me to take control my thoughts and ultimately my life. This not only helped me get through a difficult and highly stressful point in my life but has helped me to tackle and overcome stressful periods ever since. I would highly recommend Anne to anyone. Thank you for everything." "Jane" 25 sessions 

"I was strongly encouraged to the sessions by my partner and was rather dubious on beginning them that I would get much out of them. Anne immediately put me at ease and I found it very easy to talk to her, we quickly identified meaningful ways that I could feel better about things and it helped me through a couple of hard moments in my life. I was very grateful to be seeing Anne at this time as it turned out it got messier with relationship worries as well as work concerns, both of which she had an ability to understand what I wanted vs what I felt obliged to do incredibly well. Whilst it has given me a more positive outlook towards the counselling I am grateful it was Anne I saw as it no doubt made a world of difference being able to connect with her from the onset." "Peter" 10 sessions

"I understand myself more. Anne has been a great help to me and I feel that I have got my life back on track. Anne was a very easy person to talk to and an understanding straight talking person I would definitely recommend. It's nice to know that we are not on our own out there. When you stop and talk about your problem it all makes sense. A great help. I'm a happy man again." "Peter" 7 sessions

"I found my 9 sessions extremely beneficial. I started my journey feeling extremely low and struggling with a recent break up. Anne really helped me to see clearly that I didn't need to take the blame for the break up as I felt I had to, and allowed me to see that actually it was a toxic relationship and my exes feelings were not a reflection of me not being good enough. Anne allowed me to come up with strategies to ensure I didn't take people's negative opinions on board and instead view this as a reflection of them rather than myself. Anne's garden gating strategy helped me massively- and I have used it a lot since. I found Anne very personable and felt I quickly built a secure relationship with her where I felt comfortable to confide in her. The sessions were the best decision I've made!" "Jane" 9 sessions

"Great support and reflection during a health crisis. Anne is an excellent insightful and sensitive counsellor." "Jane" 6 sessions

"Thank you! Wasn't sure what to expect. I never thought I would ever see a 'counsellor'! Burying my head in the sand had always worked. Yet it hadn't. I just didn't realise. How could talking to a stranger help? I didn't need to talk about it etc etc. I can still remember the amazing feeling I had at the end of my final session, I was so happy! Excited about being able to move forwards. With a smile. A big smile! Before my first session the thought of the session actually seemed to add to my anxiety! Why am I going I wondered?! But, wow did it work! I was able to talk (and be listened to) about things I should have discussed 20 maybe 30 years ago. I was amazed at how Anne remembered what we discussed in week 1 while I was just rambling on! My life was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, all scattered across the floor. Anne was able to help me to complete the jigsaw...not sure I've put all the pieces in yet but I'm getting there! Not even sure they all need to go in! I really feel the sessions have changed me; my outlook, my health, my future, my happiness. THANK YOU. My only negative comment, the room was a bit warm!" "Peter" 3 sessions

"I'd been struggling with anxiety, identity and self worth for a long time; I was more than ready for some help. I found Anne extremely receptive and insightful to my particular issues, and able to create an immediate easy rapport. We made very substantial progress in just three sessions, which have left me feeling much stronger and more confident in myself, and with a new focus for moving forward. Anne's simple, powerful tools for visualising and working on important aspects of myself, will, I feel sure, stay with me. This has been my first and only experience of counselling - and perhaps my last - though it is very reassuring to know that, should I need further help, Anne will be there." "Peter" 3 sessions

"Counselling helped me identify that the problems I had were much more deep seated than I had appreciated. It wasn't as simple as work getting me down but to do with my sense of identity and feelings of self worth. Once I had realised that everything became easier to explain and deal with and I was able to make big life changes." "Jane" 12 sessions

"Having counselling with Anne was one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I was slightly skeptical to start with, thinking that because some issues were in the past, counselling probably couldn't do that much for me, but I was wrong. Anne helped me re examine things from my past, and see them from a different perspective. It helped me clear out a lot of emotion that I hadn't realised I was holding on to, and rebuild myself emotionally. It had a strange benefit that I wasn't expecting too - our sessions gave me a stronger sense of who I am, and my strong, positive attributes that make up who I am, and that I should believe in myself a lot more. I really liked the room we had our sessions in, and I loved how nice/funny/normal Anne is - I was worried I'd be confronted with a head tilting 'sympathetic' person (not that she's not sympathetic obviously!) who wouldn't be able to relate to me or my life. Even though most sessions I cried - we also laughed and I could feel myself gradually coming back to life and feeling stronger. I really liked that Anne sensed things too - often she'd say things like 'I feel there is something else happening here....' and I'd realise she was right. I really trusted her, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I feel bad that I never told Anne that the tissues were scratchy, but I'm glad someone else did, as the non scratchy ones were much better! The flexibility of booking and paying for sessions really suited me. Overall, I feel amazing compared to when I first started seeing Anne, and I'll always be thankful for her help and support and guidance - and I remember so many of the things she taught me. Thank you." "Jane" 22 sessions

"Unbelievable turn around from the issues I was having and the difficulties I was having coping with elements of my life. The garden and gate approach to my outlook in dealing with people on a day to day basis is brilliant. But like Anne said, you have to work at it." "Peter" 2 sessions

"I feel able to blame myself for other peoples' problems far less than I used to; I can more easily identify when I need to take responsibility and when I don't have to shoulder the burden of things. I am more comfortable with myself in terms of being happy and positive and focused on my life and studies and relationships, and do not need to seek validation how I used to. My only fear is that there is always a chance for relapse, but I understand I can contact Anne again and return in future should I need to." "Peter" 8 sessions

"Arriving at my first counselling session things felt good, the space, seating, temperature quickly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I was pleased to meet and talk to Anne, even though I wasn't sure what I wanted to discuss. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about anything, even just the basic observations that were on my mind, that morning, at the time of the session. Over the next few meetings I realised our chats were successfully covering topics I thought I had dealt with but on reflection I hadn't fully resolved. In some cases this meant I developed new perspectives and also changed my mind about past events. Moving on I certainly appreciated the opportunity to rethink my memories and I now feel clearer about my understanding of my past and also my view of the future. I find my memory of sessions positive and useful." "Peter" 6 sessions

"Anne is an excellent counsellor, she listens, she doesn't judge and asks the most thought provoking questions which does help you think with a different mindset. The only low I would say is that she's so good that she gets booked up quickly and I found appointments can be limited. However I would definitely recommend her." "Jane" 2 sessions

"A little more advice/direction on how to move forward with the issues I was facing. I didn't know how to move forward." "Peter" 10 sessions

"Nothing negative to add, really appreciated Anne's perceptiveness and clear headed thinking to help unravel a very distressed but stoic head. She made me laugh too which I think is important in a situation which can sometimes be quite challenging." "Peter" 15 sessions

"I liked that you could offer support giving examples from similar situations. You asked challenging questions when it was needed and summed up my ramblings thoughtfully. I was impressed that you remembered every name and bit of information I told you, despite having client after client sometimes. You always made me feel like I was the only one and you never appeared to let your attention drift which must be a challenge at times. Thank you for your support and input you've helped enormously." "Jane" 23 sessions

"It's quite hard to put into words what such a positive effect a stranger can have on your life. I was always dubious about counselling, I never liked the idea of sitting there talking about myself; it seemed self-obsessed, narcissistic. However, after reaching such a point where I didn't think I could cope anymore, or function during the day without crying, I figured I didn't have much to lose. Anne immediately put my fears at ease. She was friendly, easing answers out of me, poking little holes in me to make me think from a different perspective. Her sessions were always relaxed and there was always a cup of tea thrown in! She was honest and funny; it felt like I'd been talking to her for years which made me open up a lot more. Her ways of communicating and making you self-reflect are extraordinary, she pushes you just enough to make you take the journey that you'd put off for so long. Counselling isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, but Anne makes it a lot easier." "Jane" 10 sessions

"I'm far better now than when I started. At the beginning of the course I was in a very dark and upsetting place. Now I feel generally much better, I feel much more able to deal with life or anything that it throws as me and I feel hopeful and positive for the future now, as opposed to hopeless and extremely unhappy before." "Peter" 6 sessions

"I finally feel like I am an adult and am taking responsibility for the positive and negative things that happen in my life. I now have the confidence to make the right decisions for me and have found the strength to say no to things that are not right for me. In the first few sessions I felt I was getting slightly worse which worried me a little bit, I don't remember if I shared this with Anne but I soon realised this was just everything coming out that needed to be addressed. During the sessions Anne and I used the flip chart to identify areas that were impacting on my low self esteem and loneliness - this was useful as it helped me to focus and think if anything else needed to be added so I could get the most out of the session. I honestly can't think of any lows but would like to mention on the last session I felt I was trying to find things to talk about just to fill the time and felt a bit uncomfortable (which I had not felt before). This could be classed as a positive though as I had nothing else to discuss. On my last session I left with a feeling of calm and self acceptance I have not felt for a long time, this is the thing that I appreciate the most as it forms the basis of great things to come." "Jane" 6 sessions

"In general I am feeling significantly better and much more clearheaded. I still have lows but because I understand them better I feel equipped to deal with them and so far they haven't been as overwhelming as they were in the past. Being able to discuss a number of issues that had been quite debilitating over a number of years was really useful. It was really important to me that she was not judgmental in any way and this helped me discuss things that I have never done before. The process of discussing openly allowed me a new perspective on personal problems I had refused to deal with for a very long time." "Peter" 10 sessions

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Client Survey 2018 - Beacon Counselling & Coaching Group
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Client Survey 2018 - Beacon Counselling & Coaching Group
Counselling Client Survey for the Beacon Counselling & Coaching Group. Evaluation of effectiveness of the therapy and public comments on client experience.
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