Anne Lindley-French, Counsellor

Anne Lindley-French, Counsellor

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MBA, MA (Hons), Cert Counselling, Dip Counselling, PGCTLHE
Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
Fellow of the Higher Education Authority
Appointments in Sheffield S11 & online on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Garden Gate® High Impact Self-Optimisation Programs for individuals and couples on Thursdays & Fridays
Garden Gate® High Impact Self-Optimisation Group Programs and Retreats on Saturdays & Sundays

BACP Registered Counsellor

I am a straight-forward, supportive counsellor for depression, anxiety, stress & complex emotions. I have seen people unravel their troubles and unpick the difficult patterns of their past enough times to give me a great deal of confidence in counselling. I work passionately to help you get to where you want to be, but the real truth is that it's all down to you. If you've got the will (shaky as it might feel right now), then we do our very best to find the right way.

I have been a Counsellor since 2011 and have a lecturing and business background. Please scroll down for lots of client feedback, areas I work with, client survey results, my latest blogs and an infographic on how the process of counselling works.

"It's really changed my life for the better, I can't believe how much progress I made with Anne in such a short time!" Client feedback, February 2016

My approach to counselling

I have a very straight-forward approach to counselling: to see my clients move beyond the difficulty they currently experience to a way of life that feels better than they imagined. I don't do the hard work - you do - that is why we can expect the results to be long term rather than short lived. My role is to support and challenge you through your own process of understanding, healing, re-building and change. To achieve this we will need to build a relationship of trust and you will be able to count on my steadfast support while this grows. I often work with clients who have had counselling before and have decided to return in order to get to the bottom of what has troubled them. I want you to gain the maximum long term results from the time and energy you invest in yourself.

"Anne Lindley-French is a warm thoughtful and kind person who doesn't judge but understands and can empathise with you, giving her the power to help you help yourself. She taught me that you can change your mindset and your emotions and learn to trust in yourself. I can not speak highly enough of this special women and I hope that if anyone needs help that they contact her and see for themselves that some people are born to help and she is one of them." Client Feedback, February 2016

I work in three ways:

Weekly sessions (Individuals and Couples) - I usually encourage clients to start with weekly session so that we can maintain momentum as we develop our understanding. Some clients move to fortnightly, monthly or occasional sessions when they feel they are ready. Sessions run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

2 Day High Impact Self-Optimisation Programs (Individuals and Couples) - the one to one Garden Gate® program provides high impact self-optimisation therapy for people who want to achieve a lot in a short space of time. The Garden Gate® is a personalised toolkit which allows you to discover your relationship with yourself and the world. To redefine it as you want and maintain it over time. The program builds through 10 stages, culminating in a Next Chapter Plan to take you forward with certainty. You work one to one with me for all of the two days, which is highly challenging and highly supportive. Sessions run Thursday to Friday. There is currently a 3 month waiting period for these programs.

2 Day High Impact Self-Optimisation Programs for Groups - groups follow the 10 stage Garden Gate® program working individually in a group space, with time to come together to share ideas, support and insight. Sessions run Thursday to Friday. Please get in touch for details of the next group.

"Thank you! Wasn't sure what to expect. I never thought I would ever see a 'counsellor'! Burying my head in the sand had always worked. Yet it hadn't. I just didn't realise. How could talking to a stranger help? I didn't need to talk about it etc etc. I can still remember the amazing feeling I had at the end of my final session, I was so happy! Excited about being able to move forwards. With a smile. A big smile! Before my first session the thought of the session actually seemed to add to my anxiety! Why am I going I wondered?! But, wow did it work! I was able to talk (and be listened to) about things I should have discussed 20 maybe 30 years ago. I was amazed at how Anne remembered what we discussed in week 1 while I was just rambling on! My life was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, all scattered across the floor. Anne was able to help me to complete the jigsaw...not sure I've put all the pieces in yet but I'm getting there! Not even sure they all need to go in! I really feel the sessions have changed me; my outlook, my health, my future, my happiness. THANK YOU!" Client feedback, June 2017. "Peter" had 3 sessions of counselling.

"I set out hoping that my counselling sessions would help me cope better with difficult life circumstances. Anne is a compassionate listener. She knew how to support me in untangling my thoughts and feelings and helped me unravel what really is important. I emerged from my course of counselling refreshed and with increased confidence in myself and in my decision making." "Jane" 6 bursary funded sessions, January 2018.


Free initial telephone conversation (15 minutes)

Individual adult - £60 (10% student discount)

Couple - £65 (10% student discount)

2 Day Group Garden Gate® High Impact Self-Optimisation Program - £225

2 Day Individual Day Garden Gate® High Impact Self-Optimisation Program - £1690

2 Day Couple Garden Gate® High Impact Self-Optimisation Program - £2450


"When I applied for the counselling I was at a point of crisis, dealing with a lot of issues that had eventually ground me down and forced me to a place of self harm, anger and upset. After my 6 sessions with Anne I feel much better equipped to deal with my life. I feel positive about my future and now that my past has been put into my mind in a way that I can accept and leave behind me, where it belongs. I would recommend this to anyone. I really thought I was destined to live an extremely unhappy life, and I was extremely sceptical about how effective this could be in just six visits, but life changing would not be an exaggeration, not at all." Client feedback from bursary recipient for 6 free counselling sessions, April 2016

Counselling qualifications

BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Certificate Number 062545.
Diploma of Higher Education in Counselling, 2011. Sheffield Hallam University.
Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling Skills, 2008. Sheffield Hallam University.

"Having tried counselling twice before and desperately wanting to address my issues with low self esteem I contacted Anne in January 2016. On meeting Anne I knew straight away I could communicate with her and felt comfortable sharing feelings no one else ever knew I had. Anne is very easy to talk to and puts you at ease. Counselling has made a huge difference to my everyday life. I now have the confidence to make the right decisions for me and have found the strength to say no to things that are not right for me. On my last session I left with a feeling of calm and self acceptance I have not felt for a long time (in the first few weeks I did not think this would be possible). If I ever needed to return to counselling I would contact Anne, her straight forward approach worked for me and I am very grateful." Client Feedback, March 2016

"I really appreciated Anne's perceptiveness and clear headed thinking to help unravel a very distressed but stoic head. She made me laugh too, which I think is important in a situation which can sometimes be quite challenging. Cups of tea thrown in for good measure too. Will and have recommended Anne to other people who have asked about my experience." Client Feedback, November 2016

"I found the experience entirely positive. I went over 2 different periods of time and would say I benefited more from the sessions in 2015 because of where I was mentally. I would (and have) recommend Anne to anyone." Client feedback, January 2015

Areas of counselling I work with

Persistent low mood
Low self-esteem
Anger management
Addiction (alcohol, drugs, flirting)

Relationship breakdown
Family breakdown
Single & co-parenting

Self harm
Abuse & sexual abuse
Building confidence
Learning to love oneself

Burnout & breakdown
Coping with university
Work related strain

Other qualifications

Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education. Sheffield Hallam University.
Masters in Business Administration. Institut de Management Europeen des Affaires.
Masters in Politics & Sociology. Edinburgh University.

"Great support and reflection during a health crisis. Anne is an excellent insightful and sensitive counsellor." Client feedback, June 2017. "Jane" had 6 sessions of counselling.

"I appreciated the fact that Anne made a lot of effort to make me feel comfortable and that I could relate to her. I'm a cynic and It was important for me that I had a friendly bond rather than felt like it was a professional appointment, where I would be scrutinised and analysed. I gained a lot more from our sessions because we could laugh and hash out any difference in opinions. It was proactive. It wasn't me sitting and talking aimlessly.
I initially started counselling to help my anxiety, I thought we would address breathing techniques etc so I was surprised when we would sit and chat. I didn't understand how talking about issues that I'd already spent many hours moaning about would help me cope in the future. But it was how me and Anne discussed the issues that made the difference, it was more proactive, it helped me prepare for future events. This meant I slowly built up a confidence in myself and that has proved extremely valuable.
I'm very grateful to her and the change has been better than I dared hope for. I feel stronger, a better person, kinder to myself and more relaxed. I feel able to take less on, and physically I have benefitted. I laugh more, I care less about what others try to bring me down with, and my stomach is infinitely better. There was a point where after years of chronic stomach dysfunction, I felt I couldn't continue to live in such pain. but now I feel like Anne has set me up for a more successful future, being the person I feel I deserve to be. Thank you!" Client feedback, September 2015

My inspiration to become a counsellor

I went for couple counselling in my early 30s and was deeply moved by the wisdom, warmth of humanity and personal peace our counsellor embodied. Years later I heard a radio program where a man was leaving his role as a judge at the Chelsea Flower show to become a counsellor. I thought “What a fantastic job to do”, then a while later... “Maybe I could do that too.” I was lucky enough to train in counselling at Sheffield Hallam University with a group of tutors who shared that same essence of humanity - I knew I was in the right place. It occurred to me much later that the Chelsea Flower Show judge may well have been going to be a City Council councillor not a therapist at all!

“I was lucky enough to benefit from the bursary for counselling sessions after the sudden death of my little brother Conor. At this time of incomprehensible loss I was struggling financially and also sceptical that counselling support could offer me anything at all. Without this bursary I’m sure I would never have tried it and realised how much it could help. Speaking to Anne set aside a much needed period of calm in an otherwise chaotic period of pain and disbelief, in which I could talk about my brother and what a beautiful person he was. There may have been many people more deserving than me who could have benefited from the sessions but I was – and still am – enormously grateful for them.

I’d recommend other people who are hurting, to seek the services of Anne, someone who is kind, intelligent and full of compassion.” Client feedback, March 2014

Types of therapy

Integrative, Person Centred, Psychosynthesis, Solution Focused, Brief Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Transpersonal.

” Until I came to you my life was a big black hole. I never in a million years thought, at the time, that I would come out of it… My life is back on track. ” Client feedback, February 2011

"I was seeing Anne for several months to help me overcome some issues in my personal life and have found it to be of serious benefit to myself. I have now noticed this as have the people closest to me in my life, and I'm thankful for the time and help invested as I believe it has helped make me a better person." Client feedback, January 2015

How I deliver therapy

Long-term face-to-face work, short-term face-to-face work, online/Skype counselling, time-limited counselling

"Anne has really helped me tackle a lot of issues and come through with a lot more confidence. Really appreciate all the hard work put in from her." Client feedback, April 2015

Clients I work with

Adults, groups & organisations

"No one can manage everything that is "thrown" at them in life and it is not a sign of weakness or failure to honestly face what is "taking over". It is less painful in the long run. Sometimes the fear and worry of change is not as bad as the reality - step out and trust that it will work out for the best and having a counsellor to "walk along side " for a while can help you see through the tangled, confused thoughts that blinker your feelings, thoughts and subsequent actions. Whilst we all have responsibility at the end of the day for our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions, it is always helpful to stop sometimes and decide if you really want to keep carrying the challenges and burdens or whether it is time to stop, let go, change direction or accept that there is so much out there that we cannot change. We can at least try and adapt to what we are faced with." Client feedback, January 2015

My background

I am a Counsellor and Associate  Lecturer in Counselling. I have worked as a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University Business School and Visiting Lecturer at Sheffield University, as a Counsellor in the NHS in Sheffield and Barnsley and have an entrepreneurial and business background. I have a life-long fascination with what makes people, organisations and societies tick, which makes counselling a fascinating and highly rewarding job for me. I am an atheist who believes in people and an optimist who knows there are difficult times.

 “Although it's quite difficult to admit, when I look back, I was pretty much in complete breakdown at the time. It seemed like a big step to take at the time but Anne definitely got me through a period of personal crisis and helped me get some perspective on life - something I don't think I could have done on my own.” Client feedback, February 2014

“I am feeling really positive. The counselling I received helped me to isolate and tackle specific issues which has made a real difference for me and will hopefully provide me with the skills to ensure no repeat episodes in the future.” Client feedback, July 2014

"We meet many people on our life's journey, all of them lend something to our lives, some change us for the good, others make us question who and what we are. Then there are people like you who change how we see ourselves more than we ever thought possible... I am enjoying my life with the people I love and care for the most." Client feedback, January 2011

"The things you have helped me to come to terms with are too many to mention. You have helped my life back on track after losing all those years." Client feedback

To discuss how Anne could help, or to make an appointment, please contact her in Sheffield using any of the contact details below.

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